Questions over language strategy

Figures showing that the number of Welsh speaking workers in some of Ceredigion's public institutions has declined since 2015 have raised questions about Ceredigion County Council's language strategy. In a letter to the Chief Executive and Leader of Ceredigion Council, Cymdeithas yr Iaith notes a number of gaps in the strategy, that has an emphasis on maintaining existing activity rather than building on it and developing further. Among Cymdeithas' recommendations are calls for:
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Adverts mark three years of Welsh language education 'delay'

Cymdeithas warns that 80,000 young people have been deprived of the language      Adverts have appeared in the press today (Wednesday, 21st September) warning that tens of thousands of young people are being denied fluency in Welsh because of a lack of Government action on a report published three years ago this week.      
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