Cymdeithas celebrate opening of Senedd by unveiling a billboard calling for a New Welsh Language Act

To celebrate the opening of the new Assembly building, Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg will be unveiling a billboard aimed at Rhodri Morgan, calling for a New Welsh Language Act at 1pm on Monday February 27th. Leanne Wood AM will join Cymdeithas members in the unveiling ceremony.

The billboard is situated next to the pay and display car park opposite the Scott Harbour building, only a stone's throw away from the new Assembly building.On the billboard will be a picture of Rhodri Morgan, as well as the statement he made to parliament during the 1993 debate on the Welsh Language Measure. The following text will appear on the billboard:"People in Wales want rights... That is why it is important to confer these rights on the Welsh language, the speakers of the Welsh language, and those who may not be Welsh-speaking themselves, but want their children to be educated in Welsh as a matter of right.We want... a genuine Welsh Language Bill ...That will be done when we revisit the question of a Welsh language measure when we are in government.CADWA DY AIR RHODRI - KEEP YOUR PROMISE RHODRI"Cymdeithas yr Iaith believes that this is an appropriate way to celebrate Saint David’s Day as well as the opening of the new Senedd building. It is also quite an effective way of reminding Rhodri Morgan of the promise he gave the people of Wales back in 1993 that he would introduce a comprehensive Welsh Language Act when Labour were next in government.Come and celebrate with us.