Gwenno Teifi sent to Jail

Gwenno TeifiGwenno Teifi was sent to Eastwood Park Prison (Gloucester) for 5 days this morning, for refusing to pay a £120 fine for painting a slogan calling for a New Welsh Language Act on the window of Brantano's store, in Aberystwyth last October.She was sentence by Carmarthen magistrates this morning. This is the second time within a period of twelve months that Gwenno a 20 year old student at Aberystwyth University and who comes from Llanfihangel ar Arth in Carmarthenshire has been gaoled for her participation in the Language Act campaign run by Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg.

Addressing the court as she was sentenced Gwenno Teifi challenged the Assembly Government by saying:"I hope that my imprisonment will help First Minister Rhodri Morgan, and Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones, as they set about the task of forming a coalition Government, to focus their minds on the need for a new Welsh Language Act. By going to prison today I wish to emphasise that any new language legislation should extend to the private sector. A weak Welsh Language Act will not be acceptable."Gwenno_bach_carchar_001.jpgGwenno_bach_carchar_005.jpgGwenno_bach_carchar_002.jpgGwenno_bach_carchar_004.jpg