366 houses in Bangor: Minister 'doesn't care about the Welsh language'

Language campaigners have condemned Minister Lesley Griffiths' suggestion that she will allow the construction of 366 houses in Bangor.  

Menna Machreth of Cymdeithas yr Iaith said

"It is disgraceful that the Welsh Government has sided with the company from Merseyside rather than respecting the democratic process and Gwynedd Council's opinion on housing issues in Bangor. As it is, there are no more places for children at Ysgol y Garnedd, and giving permission for 366 additional homes will mean that there is a massive threat to the Welsh language in this part of Gwynedd. The Welsh Government and Lesley Griffiths have shown a complete lack of understanding of the local situation, and have once again refused to consider the Welsh language as factor in planning.

"This raises questions about the Lesley Griffiths' commitment to the Welsh language. We will consider the options available to us and others to challenge the decision. It is strange that the Minister has been able to find time to damage the Welsh language locally in such a way, whilst she has been delayed publishing planning guidance on how to consider the language for over a year. Moreover, she has not explained this delay.  It shows that she doesn't care about the state of the Welsh language."