Welsh-medium education plans: review welcomed

Language campaigners have welcomed a Welsh Government to review councils' Welsh-medium education plans 

Welsh language Minister Alun Davies announced today that he would ask former Assembly Member Aled Roberts to lead a review of the Welsh in Education Strategic Plans 

Toni Schiavone, education spokesperson for Cymdeithas yr Iaith commented:   

"The decision to appoint Aled Roberts is a good one, and we welcome the quick review. From what we see of the plans, there is a real need for a review because they aren't ambitious enough. After all, 80% of our young people are denied the ability to speak Welsh at the moment, and at current levels of growth it would take over 800 years to achieve Welsh-medium education for all. Every council needs a programme of change so that every pupil leaves school fluent in Welsh. Unless we see radical changes, we won't reach the government's own target of reaching a million Welsh speakers. 

"The Welsh Language Commissioner's comments show that a number of local authorities have acted illegally in drawing up their plans, and so are open to challenge. We as a group will consider our options: certainly, we can't allow the current situation to continue. 

"It's surpising that a large number of councils have ignored the fact that the Government has announced there will be a single Welsh language qualification for all pupils in place by 2021 instead of second language Welsh along with a new Welsh language curriculum from 2018 onwards.  


"The impact of all this is that we see people across Wales fighting for the right to Welsh-medium education. Recent opinion polls show extremely strong support for the Welsh language and Welsh-medium education, it's about time our councils responded."