Cymdeithas Organise "Wedding Reception" in Carmarthen

In opening a public forum "Work to support the Welsh language" on Saturday 15/9 in Carmarthen Library, Ffred Ffransis from the local
region of Cymdeithas yr Iaith welcomed all those present to a
"wedding reception". He explained to the assembled representatives of
community councils, and cultural, educational and youth organisations -

"During the last few years there have been two quite separate
discussions in Carmarthenshire. There has been much talk about economic
development to create jobs, and also others have been drawing up a
Language Strategy to promote Welsh as the main language of the county.
We are here today to witness the coming together and marriage of these
two discussions. We shall be discussing what sort of economic
development is needed to develop the Welsh language and communities, and
especially to reduce the outward haemorrhage of young people from the
county. Not growth for its own sake, but what sort of developments in
what sort of places are needed to support our communities and ensure
that young people who have received a Welsh-medium education also have a
real chance to settle and earn a livelihood locally."

The paper "Work to support the language" was presented on behalf of
Cymdeithas yr Iaith by Wynfford James. With responses from County Council
leader Emlyn Dole, Coun Cefin Campbell (who chairs the enquiry into the
future of rural communities) and former AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas who
published a report on the issue in 2014.

As "wedding favours", all those pesent were treated to "Waffles
Tregroes" which Cymdeithas call a great example of local enterprise in
a Welsh-speaking community in Pont-tyweli in the north of the county.

Pictures can be seen here