Gwynedd Language Centres: Hope that cabinet changes its mind

Language campaigners have responded to a Gwynedd Council debate about proposed cuts to language teaching centres.  

The centres teach Welsh intensively to children who come from outside the area so they can study through the medium of Welsh in local schools.

Mabli Siriol, Cymdeithas yr Iaith's education spokesperson, commented:

“We’re increasingly hopeful that the council’s cabinet will change its mind before making a final decision next month. It's clear that these cuts don't have the support of the council following the votes today. These centres change people’s lives and have an extremely positive impact on the language, now and in the long term. There are people who have learnt the language in these centres and stay in the area as adults who are confident speakers and pass on the language to their own children. They are one of the main successes across the whole country in terms of including those who move into Wales - ensuring that schools continue to teach through the medium of Welsh and giving full access to community life to the young people who move into the area.”