Radio Ceredigion – no Welsh language broadcasting?

Language campaigners have expressed concerns that there could be even less Welsh language broadcasting on Radio Ceredigion following reports that the owners have not renewed the licence automatically 

According to reports in the press, the company, by letting the licence come to an end, could retender for a different licence, such as one with fewer Welsh language hours . In 2012, Nation Radio (under its previous name Town and Country) refused an automatic renewal of its licence and then succeeded to regain the tender from Ofcom with fewer hours of Welsh language broadcasting. 

Heledd Gwyndaf, Chair of Welsh language campaign group Cymdeithas yr Iaith, commented 

"It's obvious that the Westminster-run broadcasting system is not benefiting Wales or the Welsh language, but the big companies. Devolving the power over broadcasting to our National Assembly is the only answer." 

"I don't consider Radio Ceredigion to be a Welsh language station as it stands; and that's before considering any further possible cuts to local content with a change in licence. The British Government is currently planning to reduce regulation even further – there won't be any obligation for commercial radio to report on national Welsh news or to broadcast in the Welsh language if they get their way. Powers over broadcasting really need devolving to Wales in order to stop the Tories in London from destroying Welsh broadcasting.