Addressing the urgency of rural communities

Speaking at the start of Cymdeithas yr Iaith's public forum "Tynged yr Iaith Sir Gâr" in Carmarthen, Ffred Ffransis paid tribute to Carmarthenshire County Council's positive response to the call for firm action for the Welsh language following the disastrous results of the 2011 Census. At the beginning of the meeting, which will gave the public the opportunity to present their ideas and question key members of this new Council that will lead the county during the next Census in 2021, Mr Ffransis said:

"The latest example of the County Council's innovative attitude is the intention to establish a regeneration taskforce in our rural communities. We are very proud to have the chair of the task force, Cllr Cefin Campbell, with us today to explain the work of the taskforce. He will welcome your evidence about the problems of our rural communities and ideas about how to regenerate them. From a rural point of view, it seems that all developments in terms of work, housing and transport are focused in a few large towns, and our rural communities are declining. As well as ensuring that there is an increase in the number of Welsh speakers through the education system, we need to ensure the continuity and prosperity of the communities where Welsh is the main language."

Pictures from the event