Language rights report: 'foolish' to abolish Welsh Language Commissioner

Cymdeithas yr Iaith has said that a report published today on the state of language rights by the Welsh Language Commissioner shows that Government plans to abolish the role are 'foolish'.  

Osian Rhys from language campaign group Cymdeithas yr Iaith said:  

"This report is further evidence that the Government's White Paper, which proposes to weaken regulation, the rights of people to complain and abolish the Commissioner, are seriously flawed and not evidence-based. There's no logic to support the Government's plans which would turn the clock back to a failed system. That's why we see an increasingly desperate Minister scrambling about for alternative ideas as his White Paper falls apart."  

"With a Commissioner implementing the Standards, it seems that Welsh language services are starting to improve and there is more work for people through the medium of Welsh. There are eight Language Commissioners around the world, and, in Wales, we have Commissioners for Children, Older People and Future Generations. So why abolish our Welsh Language Commissioner? It would be foolish to abolish a system which only started coming into force eighteen months ago."