Radio Ceredigion ends – Welsh broadcasting powers call

Language campaigners have called for the devolution of broadcasting powers to Wales following news that an English-only radio station will broadcast in Ceredigion instead of Radio Ceredigion. 

Heledd Gwyndaf from Welsh language campaign group Cymdeithas yr Iaith commented:  

"It's obvious that the Westminster-run broadcasting system is not benefiting Ceredigion or Wales. Devolving the power over broadcasting to our National Assembly is the only answer. For a start, regulatory powers should be devolved, so we as a nation can decide what we want from our broadcasters.  

The British Government, through Ofcom, is currently planning to reduce regulation even further – there won't be any obligation for commercial radio to report on national Welsh news or to broadcast in the Welsh language if they get their way. Powers over broadcasting really need devolving to Wales so we as a nation can set the rules ourselves, based on what’s important to us. What sense does it make for the country next door to us to be responsible for broadcasting in our country?"