Radio Cymru 2 Launch: 'Step in the right direction'

A language group has welcomed the launch of Radio Cymru 2 saying it is a 'step in the right direction' and adding that broadcasting powers need devolving to Wales in order to normalise Welsh across the whole media landscape.   

Aled Powell, from language campaign group Cymdeithas yr Iaith commented:   

"This is a moment to celebrate. It's a step in the right direction, a step towards a Wales where people are able to live their lives in Welsh. One radio station can't appeal to everyone all of the time, so we welcome that there will be more variety in terms of content so that listeners have some choice. We very much hope to hear confirmation this new station will become a permanent one and a full time service. We know Radio Cymru staff have worked very hard on the venture and deserve every success. Looking ahead, there's a real need to devolve broadcasting powers to Wales to avoid a situation where one provider dominates the media in Wales, especially in Welsh." 

He added 

"With broadcasting currently controlled by Westminster, we are seeing and hearing less and less about Wales and of Welsh language and culture on our local and commercial media. A significant decline in Welsh language output on stations like Radio Ceredigion and Radio Carmarthenshire, highlights an urgent need to reverse such trends by devolving powers over broadcasting to the Senedd in Wales.  

"The research document we have published shows that devolution will unlock tens of millions of pounds to invest in Welsh broadcasting, allowing the establishment of three Welsh language radio and TV stations as well as sustaining bilingual ones. So, the campaign for more Welsh language services will continue. If we are to get the services that Wales and the Welsh language deserves, and from a plurailty of providers, the people of Wales need powers to regulate broadcasting here.