Why discuss our National TV Channel behind closed doors?

Cymdeithas yr Iaith's reaction to the agreement between the BBC, S4C and DCMS.

Cymdeithas Chair Bethan Williams commented:

"We believe this to be an undemocratic decision as the people of Wales have had no say about the future of their national channel. The only way forward is for responsibility for Broadcasting to be devolved to Wales so that decisions are made for the benefit of our people and broadcasting in Wales. Campaigning wins concessions.

"The details of the partnership published today show that constant campaigning by large numbers of Welsh people over the last year has won substantial concessions within the overall framework imposed by Jeremy Hunt. This settlement is much better than it would otherwise have been. There are still grave concerns about the independence of S4C as another broadcasting body will be deciding on its finances and interfering in its affairs.

"Unlike the BBC, S4C and the Westminster Government, Cymdeithas yr Iaith will consult over the future of the campaign. We are contacting all our members and those who have refused to pay for their TV Licenses for their reaction. They are being invited to come to a meeting of the society's Senate in Aberystwyth on Saturday (29/11), or to send in their views, before we make and announce our decision this weekend."