A call for the next vice-chancellor of Aberystwyth University to be able to speak Welsh

Cell Pantycelyn of Cymdeithas yr Iaith has written to Aberystwyth University to call for assurances that the next vice-chancellor of the University can speak Welsh.

Three weeks ago, the current vice-chancellor, Professor April McMahon, announced that she will resign in July.

In the letter, Elfed Wyn Jones, chairman of Cell Pantycelyn said:
"As you appoint a temporary vice-chancellor until July, and a permanent vice-chancellor from then on, we ask you to ensure that the person who is appointed is a fluent Welsh speaker and can use the language in day-to-day work, and understands the needs of the Welsh community in the university.
"Although the current vice-chancellor promised to learn Welsh before being appointed, she has not kept her promise. It is clear that the only way to ensure that the next vice-chancellor can speak Welsh is insisting that the Welsh language is essential when advertising the post.
"There is no reason why the Welsh language should not be an essential skill for this post, and for posts you advertise in the future. "

In the letter, students also express their concern that a report commissioned by the University regarding Welsh medium accommodation will not be published until February, although the original intention was for this to happen in December.

Elfed Wyn Jones said:
"There's no doubt what students want as part of a Welsh halls of residence: open corridors, plenty of rooms for socialising, events and practices, and a canteen. Students have been very clear about this from the beginning. "