S4C grant to end - devolution of broadcasting is the only answer

Campaigners have responded robustly to the publication of a review of S4C that recommends putting the channel's entire budget in the hands of the BBC. 

 Aled Powell, Cymdeithas yr Iaith's media spokesperson, said: 

"The Westminster Government says today that they will stop their direct support to S4C - the only Welsh language channel in the world - from 2022 onwards, and put the broadcaster's financial position entirely in the hands of the BBC. Between now and 2022, the Government contribution is to remain the same, meaning further significant cuts in real terms to the channel, while the DCMS is asking the channel to undertake new work.  

"The Government does not offer any certainty about the channel's funding after 2022 - they've put all their faith in discussions with the BBC that will not start until 2021 - the only thing that is certain in such a scenario is that the BBC's British agenda will come first, rather than S4C's independence or media plurality in Wales. 

"There's nothing" independent "about this biased review. It seems to recount the very excuses that the Government in London wants to hear. I handed a petition with over a thousand names to Euryn Ogwen Williams as evidence for the review, and yet their voice was completely overlooked, with the report wrongly claiming that only "a minority of respondents" supported the devolution of broadcasting. Other aspects of the document - such as updating S4C's remit - state that which was already clear to everyone and are almost meaningless alongside the cuts it supports. 

"With the Westminster Government passing the buck, the only solution is to devolve power over broadcasting to Wales - and the funding to go with it - before these cuts come into force, and before the BBC takes over S4C completely. The Welsh Senedd must have the power and the resources to create a new broadcasting authority, which will ensure the variety of media in Welsh and about Wales that our country needs. "

Cyfieithiad yw'r uchod o'r erthygl hon