Questions over language strategy

Figures showing that the number of Welsh speaking workers in some of Ceredigion's public institutions has declined since 2015 have raised questions about Ceredigion County Council's language strategy.

In a letter to the Chief Executive and Leader of Ceredigion Council, Cymdeithas yr Iaith notes a number of gaps in the strategy, that has an emphasis on maintaining existing activity rather than building on it and developing further.

Among Cymdeithas' recommendations are calls for:

  • All Ceredigion Local Service Board organisations to ensure that Welsh language skills are mandatory for all posts and that all organisations have a plan to encourage and support their employees to use the Welsh language in the workplace
  • The private and commercial sector to be included in the strategy, in order for the Welsh language to be visible on the high street and to reflect the linguistic character of Ceredigion
  • Welsh speakers to be supported, developing the Welsh language skills of those with skills in specialised areas, and supporting all these people to return or stay in Ceredigion to work

A spokesperson for Cydmeithas locally said:
"The number of Welsh speakers is declining and if the County Council, and other public organisations want to prevent that, they need an innovative strategy that will tackle issues such as outmigration.
"How many people even know that this strategy is in place? Why hasn't it taken advantage of the host of community groups and organisations in Ceredigion to get everyone involved? We all have the same goal in mind."

The Welsh Language Strategy was prepared by Ceredigion Local Service Board Bilingual Future Executive Group, to conform with the Welsh Language Standards and can be seen here