“When will the work begin?"

“When will the work begin?" Members of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Pantycelyn group ask as Aberystwyth University Council approve a report recommending the re-opening of Pantycelyn Hall following renovation.

Elfed Wyn Jones, Chair of Cymdeithas' Pantycelyn group said: "The report that has been accepted notes that the hall should re-open by September 2019 so we expect to see a plan to begin work on the building very soon, and that the work itself begins as soon as possible. Enough students have missed out on the chance to stay in Pantycelyn so the sooner the work starts, the better.
"We have said in the past that Pantycelyn is in a better situation than this time last year. Seeing as this report has been accepted by the Council, the situation should only improve further - for students and the Welsh community in the university."

Students have raised concerns about the cost of staying in Pantycelyn, as it could be among the most expensive of the university’s accommodation: http://cymdeithas.cymru/news/campaigning-has-paid